A Socially Responsible Campaign

St. Aloysius always looks for ways to touch the lives of those most in need. We also believe that charity begins at home and hope to make people aware that missionary/evangelization needs and outreach opportunities exist in their own backyard.

Hand In Hand... Step By Step (1999)

A Habitat House was sponsored with St. Aloysius funds and was completed in 2001.

Hand In Hand... The Next Step (2005)

St. Aloysius partnered with the Diocese of Baton Rouge and provided funding for Jubilee House located in Valley Park on Glenmore Avenure. The Jubilee House was named to honor our 2005 campaign as well as our 50th anniversary!

Hand in Hand... Faith in Action (2016)

The Social Responsibility Commission, Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and staff have collaborated and determined that the St. Vincent de Paul Sweet Dreams Shelter will be the beneficiary of our Hand in Hand... Faith in Action social responsibility project.

This project will respond to the need for additional short-term emergency housing, targeting the vulnerable population of homeless women and mothers with children. The renovation and expansion of the Sweet Dreams Shelter will increase their capacity from 36 to over 70 beds.

The Sweet Dreams Shelter for women and children is dear to our hearts at St. Aloysius. It only seems appropriate that, as we build a child care center for the children of our parish, we also provide funds for a shelter intended for the most vulnerable children in our area.