What is the current state of the St. Aloysius Master Plan?

The Master Plan Feasibility Study was completed and presented to Parish Trustees, Executive Committee, Finance Council, and Pastoral Council on December 10, 2015. After receiving a very favorable report which utilized input and parishioner engagement, the decision has been made to embark on a Capital Campaign to complete the Master Plan.

What Master Plan projects will be included in the Capital Campaign?

  • Current Projects (Completed by Fall 2016)
    1. Parish Hall Renovations
    2. 3 year rental for Parish Staff office space
    3. Partial conversion of existing Parish Office
    4. Demolition of old Rectory
    5. Child Care Center
    6. Fencing and neighborhood friendly sidewalk
  • New Project (Construction to begin Fall 2016)
    1. Pastoral Services Center (formally referred to as Parish Administration)
  • Future Projects
    1. New Parish Life Center
    2. New Chapel
    3. Plaza

What are estimated costs of these projects?

  • Current, New and Future Projects totals:   $17,000,000
  • Parish Savings going toward projects:       $ 5,000,000
  • Our Capital Campaign will be:                     $12,000,000

Who has been included in the decision-making process?

Every Parishioner was invited to give input through:

  • 7 Listening Forums held in October 2015
  • A Discovery Survey conducted and collected at all masses the weekend of October 24-25, 2015
  • Feasibility Study one-on-one interviews conducted by our consultant with a sampling of parishioners        

All of this input was considered by parish leadership, which included our Parish Trustees, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Pastoral Council. They overwhelmingly made the recommendation to move forward with a Capital Campaign.

Based on the input and discovery process, are parishioners in support of the Master Plan?

Yes, the projects included in the Master Plan Proposal are viewed as needed and enjoy a high level of support.

  • The 7 Listening Forums had approximately 300 people in attendance, 102 evaluation forms were turned in with an overall rating of 9.3-10.
  •  498 Discovery Surveys were returned with over 90% stating that they would financially participate in the Campaign.
  • The Interviews yielded the following top three responses to questions in these areas:
    • Parish life - Liturgy, Clergy and School
    • Response to Master Plan – All projects needed, Excellent process and Needs to be done
    • Ability to raise the funds – Can be done, Should be fine and Have to move forward
    • Economic conditions favor – 93% responded yes

What is the financial health of the Parish?

St. Aloysius is to be commended on the enduring success of its administrative, financial and stewardship efforts.  Currently our parish is debt free. There is clear transparency of parish finance, and prudent decisions have allowed the parish to accrue $5,000,000 in savings.  All parish stewardship and Development activities are of high quality and are measured by involvement and engagement.

How much will I be asked to give to the Capital Campaign?

After prayerful consideration, each person or family will be asked to give a sacrificial gift to the Capital Campaign, in keeping with St. Aloysius commitment to true stewardship.  No amount is too small and all gifts are greatly appreciated.  All contributions will remain confidential.  All donors will be recognized regardless of the size of their gift. Any donor can decide to remain anonymous in donor list.

When will I be asked to give to the Capital Campaign?

The Campaign is currently being organized and Key Leadership identified.  We plan to reach everyone personally.  Because we have almost 3,000 families, this will have to be done in groups over several months.  We anticipate that all families will be contacted by the summer.

In what ways can I make a gift to the Capital Campaign?

There are numerous ways to make your financial gift to a proposed Capital Campaign. The most common is a campaign pledge that can be paid over a three-year period. The following are ways to give a gift to the Capital Campaign:

  • Gift of Prayer
    • Reciting the Campaign Prayer
    • Family Prayer
    •   Prayer Offerings
  • Gift of Financial Offering
    • One-Time Gift
    • Pledges
    • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Assets
    • Matching Gifts
    • Memorial Gifts
    • Challenge Gifts
    • Business Gifts
    • Grants
    • Wills or Bequests

What is the role of the Diocese of Baton Rouge in this process?

The Diocese of Baton Rouge and Vicariate leaders are in full support of our Master Plan.  Diocesan leaders have been kept informed of our progress throughout the last year and have responded favorably.  As required, in order for the next phase of the Master Plan to be initiated, we must seek diocesan approval.

What happens if we do nothing at all?

Our buildings are a visible testament of our faith and vitality.  If we do nothing to provide additional facilities and address the needs of our parish, we will fail to address the current needs of our dynamic faith community and we fail to preserve the heritage that has been entrusted to us.

How will parishioners and families be kept informed of the status of the Capital Campaign?

On a consistent basis, parishioners and families will be kept informed through newsletters, bulletin announcements, web-site, ministry and school meetings, etc.  We also value continued input and support from everyone.

How will I benefit by contributing to the effort:

As a member of the St. Aloysius family, your gift to the Capital Campaign will allow you to play a vital role in assuring that we embody the mission of the church.  Your investment in the future of the parish will ensure your fulfillment of knowing that you have given back to God a grateful portion from the many gifts that you have received. Your gift will allow us to continue to advance the work of the 124 ministries of the parish, which provide needed services to our parish, as well as the larger community.